About Me

Kennedy Mwavu

Hello there!

˚.⋆➤ I'm a passionate and dedicated software developer with a deep specialization in R.

˚.⋆➤ I build visually stunning and highly functional Shiny applications that stand out for their user-friendly interfaces and robust performance.

˚.⋆➤ My experience in developing widely tested R packages ensures that my clients receive reliable & scalable solutions tailored to their needs.

˚.⋆➤ Additionally, I am adept at creating efficient APIs using Plumber, enabling seamless integration and interaction between different software systems.

˚.⋆➤ Whether you need to transform complex data into an engaging visual story or dashboard, desire a custom package for specialized tasks, or require an API for your systems, I am here to turn your vision into reality.

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  • R (4 years)
  • JavaScript (2 years)
  • Python (3 years)
  • HTML, CSS (3 years)
  • SQL (3 years)
  • Git & GitHub (3 years)
  • Docker (2 years)
  • Linux (2 years)
  • Bash (1 year)

Work Experience

Software Developer, Actuarial Services (EA) Ltd
Jan 2022 - Present

  • Revolutionized the efficiency of runoff triangle processing by implementing an advanced actuarial valuation system using R and JavaScript, slashing the processing time dramatically from 2 hours to just 10 seconds. This breakthrough not only expedited data handling but also significantly boosted overall analytical productivity and accuracy for client projects.
  • Addressed the challenge of handling large datasets split across multiple files by creating an R Shiny application to automate excelto-csv conversion, and seamlessly merge related datasets into a single consolidated file.

Assistant Software Developer, Actuarial Services (EA) Ltd
July 2021 - Dec 2021

  • Enabled effortless and quick performance evaluation of the various classes of the insurance industry by architecting a web application that offers interactive analysis and visualization capabilities.
  • Optimized the performance of R Shiny applications through deployment using Docker and ShinyProxy. This enabled the apps to scale to tens of thousands of users without compromising performance.

R & Shiny Developer, Freelance
May 2020 - June 2021

  • Built interactive data visualization applications for clients from diverse industries, including finance, healthcare, and e-commerce.


  • Shiftmaster

    • Overview: An innovative R and Shiny-based tool for optimizing employee shift scheduling.
    • Description: As the sole developer, I was responsible for designing and implementing the system’s core functionalities, including the algorithm for shift optimization, leave management for administrators, and a user-friendly interface for employees to download schedules and apply for leave
    • Impact: The system significantly improved operational efficiency by streamlining the scheduling process and reducing the time spent on scheduling by 90%.

  • Spent

    • Overview: A personal finance tracking app using R and Shiny, designed to manage and analyze expenses from receipts
    • Description: As the sole developer, I created a system enabling CRUD (Create, Read, Update, Delete) operations on expense records. The app features advanced analytics with visualizations, including monthly expenditure trends, item purchase frequencies and costs, and store visit patterns, displayed through various charts and graphs.
    • Impact: This tool aids in detailed financial tracking and planning by providing insights into spending habits and patterns.


  • micromodal

    • Contribution: Author, maintainer
    • Description: An R package for creating simple and elegant modal dialogs in Shiny.


To hire me or inquire about my services, please contact me via:

I look forward to connecting with you and discussing how I can contribute to your projects and goals.