My expertise lies in the R programming language, and I have consistently developed and delivered high quality products using it for the past four years. My specialization in R Shiny has enabled me to create stunning web applications for interactive data analysis, visualizations, and generation of parametrized reports.

To create engaging user interfaces, I have extensively harnessed the power of JavaScript, employing it to enhance the interactivity and responsiveness of my applications.

I'm a fan of Python, but from a distance. I've mostly used it to create automation scripts, utilizing its versatility to streamline various processes.

Although my strongest area of focus is backend development, picking up new frameworks or languages is never an issue for me.


  • R (4 years)
  • JavaScript (2 years)
  • Python (3 years)
  • HTML, CSS (3 years)
  • SQL (3 years)
  • Git & GitHub (3 years)
  • Docker (2 years)
  • Linux (2 years)
  • Bash (1 year)


Software Developer

Actuarial Services (EA) Ltd

January 2022 to Present

  • Reduced the processing time of runoff triangles from 2 hours to 10 seconds through implementation of an actuarial valuation system using R and JavaScript. The massive optimization in speed was achieved using R’s data.table library.
  • Addressed the challenge of handling large datasets split across multiple files by creating an R Shiny application to automate excel- to-csv conversion, and seamlessly merge related datasets into a single consolidated file.

Assistant Software Developer

Actuarial Services (EA) Ltd

July 2021 to December 2021

  • Enabled effortless and quick performance evaluation of the various classes of the insurance industry by architecting a web applica- tion that offers interactive data analysis and visualization capabilities.
  • Optimized the performance of R Shiny applications through deployment using Docker and ShinyProxy. This enabled the apps to scale to tens of thousands of users without compromising performance.

R/Shiny Developer


May 2020 - June 2021

  • Built interactive data visualization applications for clients from diverse industries, including finance, healthcare, and e-commerce.

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  1. micromodal

    An open source R package for creating simple and elegant modal dialogs in Shiny.

  2. Spent

    A web app to explore my spending habits by analyzing the receipts I get from stores and supermarkets.

    Project Spent

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